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Getting to know Xenia



My name is Xenia and I am a wife, mum, step mum, pastor, author, founder of a charity and The Gold Coast's Heart Of Women Awards, Woman Of The Year 2020.

My husband, Simon, and I are Pastors of a church on the Gold Coast, Queensland, Australia, we have also founded a charity called At The Ark Inc. This charity supports families whose children have been sexually abused, and families impacted by domestic violence. It also equips organisations such as churches, schools and child care centres to protect children and prevent child abuse. I am also a qualified counsellor. You can find out more about the organisation at 


I am an author of 4 published books. My first books which I published is a 3-book series called Brave Little Bear. This is a resource that I wrote to empower and equip families, educators and other professionals to equip this and future generations with self-protective behaviours. Each book is aimed at a different age demographic.


Book 1; is for 3 years to 7-year-olds, and introduces Brave Little Bear and what he has been through.

Book 2; Brave Little Bear talks to 6 years to 12-year-olds about body consent, fear feelings, the difference between surprises and secrets and a lot more.

Book 3; Brave Little Bear writes a big letter to adults, this book includes a page of how to protect children and what to do with suspicions of abuse. 

Each book is sensitively written in rhyme and is designed to make those uncomfortable conversations much more comfortable. This set of books are in at least 13 countries and across many schools, families and churches in Australia. 


My fourth book was launched in February 2019 and is the story behind why I am so passionate about supporting families and equipping children. The story explains how I faced the challenges of navigating my way through a 15-year domestic violent marriage with my first husband. I authored Broken To Be Beautiful to highlight that there is freedom and a victorious life waiting for anyone who finds the courage to move past their trauma and pain. I am eager to educate people who haven't been in Domestic Violent (DV) relationships why we would stay in an unhealthy relationship and that DV is not just about the physical bruises but it is also the financial, mental, emotional and verbal abuse that takes its toll on the survivor. I believe that this book shows a tenacity and warrior mentality can be developed to conquer circumstances beyond our own control. This is my story of how I have turned the ashes of a broken life into an ornament of beauty and forged a warrior spirit to support and help many families and women.

Last year, I was honoured to have won the Heart Award for Outstanding Achievement from the Heart of Women Awards and was also a finalist for the Youth and children services award.  In 2020, at the same awards, I was again a finalist for the Youth and Children service award and Won the 2020 Woman of the Year award. 


I am available for speaking engagements and have spoken at many events, breakfasts, conferences, and churches throughout Australia and Internationally. If you would like to arrange for me to come and speak at your event, church or any other engagement then please contact me at 

Much love

Xenia Schembri 




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