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THE BOOKS - Xenia Schembri

Broken To Be Beautiful

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Xenia always dreamed of having a perfect marriage and when she was 18 years old she fell in love with Richard. She thought her dreams had come true, but his funny, quirky behaviours very quickly changed into more sinister motives. She then spent 15 years navigating her way through the destructive behaviours of her first husband. Domestic violence was demonstrated through control, manipulation and sexual abuse, even after their separation he sought to control her by using their four children against her, making the next few years even harder than she ever could have imagined.


Xenia’s honest, candid and raw account of her story creates hope and awareness for every reader. Through the struggle and fight to survive, the warrior that was deeply implanted inside of her, emerged. She found a strength she never knew she could possibly possess. Through her recovery, she found the romance she always dreamed of with her soul mate, where she discovered what a perfect marriage really looked like. 


This is a true story of one woman’s battle to overcome domestic violence and discover when all was stripped away, she found what emerged, was a restored woman, able to conquer her past.

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Brave Little Bear 


Brave Little Bear is a tool for anyone who believes that children's innocence is precious enough to be protected. But how do we talk to children without making it uncomfortable? This book is sensitively written but helps to start those conversations that can be hard to start. 

Brave little Bear helps to teach children (ideally for 3-7 years) what is safe and what is not, and if bad things do happen it gives clear instructions about what to do.

Whether you are a parent, psychologist, educator or counsellor this resource will help you introduce an uncomfortable subject in a comfortable way.

Brave Little Bear 2 Cover.jpg
Brave Little Bear - Too Big Not To Share


In this second book in the Brave Little Bear Series, Brave Little Bear instructs 6-year-olds to pre-teens children on safe touch, 'fear' feelings, online protection, keeping secrets and surprises, code words, body consent, what to do if something 'bad' happens and how precious they are. A vital inclusion to any family's library.

Brave Little Bear's Big Letter


Brave Little Bear's Big Letter is the third book in the Brave Little Bear Series. In this book, Brave Little Bear writes a very brave letter to 'safe big bears'. This helps Safe Bear's understand little bears better.  Especially little bears that have been through some kind of trauma such as sexual abuse. This book highlights the value of children and what they need to flourish and grow into healthy equipped adults.

This resource is a vital tool that will help to equip parents, carers, educators and other professionals with the vocabulary to have those uncomfortable conversations much more comfortably.

This book includes a section on How we can protect children and what to do if you suspect abuse. 

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Brave Little Bear 3-Book Series

Brave Little Bear Series, is a collection of 3 books aimed to equip children with self-protective behaviours. Book 1 is for ages 3-7 years old and is the story of Brave Little Bear. Book 2 is for ages 6-12 years old, Brave Little Bear is writing to children, it is full of rhyming instructions on how to protect themselves. In book 3, Brave Little Bear writes to 'Safe Bears' to help parents, carers, educators on why it is important to teach a child self-protective behaviours, plus what a child needs to flourish into a healthy adult especially if a child has been through trauma.

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